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Writing Consultations

What is a Writing Consultation?

A writing consultation is an in-depth, purposeful conversation about a specific written document. Consultations can take place at any stage of the writing process, from earliest drafts to final revisions.

Consultations run 30 minutes for undergraduate students and graduate students. Students can book 1 appointment per day, and 2 appointments per week.

Consultations are at no cost to members of the UBC community.

For two reasons, Consultations are limited to 30 minutes, once a day, twice a week. The first reason relates to accessibility. There are many students at UBC and they all deserve equal opportunity to book a Consultation. The second reason is pedagogical. Sessions of longer than 30 minutes risk providing a greater amount of feedback than can be feasibly absorbed and incorporated by a client; the same is true of more than one session a day or two a week. In terms of the revision process, our goal is to make your time with us as impactful as possible.

For faculty consultations, please contact Dr. Patty Kelly (patty.kelly@ubc.ca), Program Manager.

How do I book a consultation?

Also see our “How to Book a Writing Consultation” video.

Visit WCOnline.

Choose “Register for an Account” or “Login.”

Book an appointment with an available peer Writing Consultant. Available times are indicated by a white box, and reserved times are indicated by a blue box. Use the waitlist function to monitor cancellations.

Fill out the pop-up informational form.

Click “Save Appointment.”

Check your email for a confirmation indicating the time and date of your appointment.

Cancel your appointment within 12 hours of the appointment time, if necessary, to avoid account deactivation.

How do I prepare for a consultation?

Bring a draft of academic, creative, professional, or technical writing.

Bring an assignment description and rubric, if available.

What about co-authored papers and assignments?

Students may submit co-authored papers and assignments for a writing consultation and receive peer review in the form of Written Feedback (not an in-person consultation). After the writing consultation, the written feedback must be shared with all co-authors.